Pasha the Peddler is one of the main supporting characters in Hanna-Barbera's 1960s Jonny Quest series, as well as The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Cartoon Network's 1990s reimagining of classic JQ. He lives in India and is a merchant/salesman, who has a bit of a habit of conning people. He was the one who raised Hadji when he lived in the streets.

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Basic DataEdit

In-Universe Information Comic image missing
Full name: Pasha
Occupation: Merchant
Spouse: None
Known relatives: None
Physical features: Robust complexion, tanned skin, graying hair, beard and mustache
Typical attire: Turban, clothes vary through the episodes
Production Information
First appearance: Episode 29, "Bloodlines"
Voiced by:



In-depth character backgroundEdit

Write more detailed information about Pasha's family, relationships and background previous to the show's start.


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Include creator's details about how the character of Pasha the Peddler was initially conceptualized.

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