Von Romme was a greedy businessman who sold uranium on the black market.

Basic Data Edit

Von Romme was the owner of Von Romme Industries. He eventually created a bio dome,which was a front for selling uranium on the black market. However a radiation leak broke out into the river, killing some Native Americans and some of farmer Doug Wildey's cattle. This caused Wildey to be suspicious of Romme. Eventually one of Wildey's employees, Phillipe, discovered Von Romme's illegal operation. Romme quickly had Phillipe killed. HowevermWildey and his grandchild Jonny Quest and Hadji Singh investigate. Romme had them captured and Quest was presumably killed in the scuffle. Quest actually survived and freed Wildey and Singh. Romme personally chased after them only to crash into some of his own uranium. Romme quickly died of severe radiation poisoning.

Personality Edit

Von Romme was sociopathic and greedy, willing to kill children just to keep his illegal operations secret. Von Romme also cared nothing for anyone else, killing an untold number of Native Americans due to a uranium leak and not batting an eye to the deashs, merely how this affected his operation.

Appeared In Edit

Season 2

Nuclear Netherworld